Medium Duty Racks

Medium Duty Racks are absolute storage system perfect for warehouse and industrial applications. These characteristically include automotive and other spare hardware, parts, bulk retail, and common purposes carton and archive storage. The Medium Duty Storage Racks can be configured to accommodate a wide range of storage requirements. These racks are suitable for storage of small boxes and cartons. Further, these racks are available with adjustable shelving system along with the load bearing capacity up to 1.2 ton per level.


  • Light weight
  • Good Durability
  • Superb Accuracy
  • Fine finishing
  • Very long lasting
  • Superior strength
  • Easy to install and assemble


Its capacity of load carrying is 500KG max while the capability of one whole rack is 4 T max, so the number of shelf is 10 max. The height of rack is 5 meters max.


* Easy assembly and good appearance
* Manual loading and unloading
* It is Adjustable Shelving System, with Load Bearing Capacity up to 1.2 Tons per Level.
* It is an Ideal Storage for Small Boxes and Cartons using Decking Panel only
* The Loading & Unloading can be done manually
* Ergonomically Designed & Easy to Assemble.